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Support Us

We are now actively looking for donations!!

In fact, we are in desperate need of more donations if we are to continue to increase the number of New Addington children we support.  We are becoming the victim of our own success!  With the number of pupils we would like to support at their independent or grammar school now standing at 18, plus a growing number of children at gymnastics, dance and drama clubs and two Art Masterclasses, the demands on our funding is growing every year.  In fact, we are now supporting over 80 New Addington children EVERY WEEK.

This means that in the near future we will have to start saying ‘no’.  That is not something we have had to do so far or what we want to do.

We are therefore launching our 2019 ‘50 Friends‘ fundraising campaign seeking to generate £10,000 in annual commitments from a few generous souls.  It’s a big ask, but if you don’t ask…

Whether you want to join this campaign or just donate a little (or big!) something now…

Ways to Donate Button

If you’d like to hear regularly of our news please use the contact us form to send us a message and we’ll do the rest.

In addition, there are loads of ways you can support us by giving your time.

For instance:

  • Can you provide transport and the time to deliver a pupil to their lesson or club?
  • Would you like to organise a club for some of the pupils at the school, especially if you are a parent of one of them?
  • Would you like to organise an outing for children and parents?  Don’t forget this has to have an educational purpose!
  • Do you have an inspirational or aspirational tale for the pupils?  Come into the school and tell them all about it.
  • Do you have a job that the children can aspire to?  Would you like to come in and talk to them and get them aspiring?
  • Do you have a connection with a “celebrity” (whatever qualifies as a celebrity) that can inspire the pupils to aspire to more?

These are just some of the ideas.  We would love to hear from you with any other ways you – or anyone else – can help to further our charitable objectives or, indeed, expand those objectives.  Please Contact Us.

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