Whilst we are only a small charity, we've tried to make donating to us as simple as possible!

Remember: a single donation is like a windfall, a gift from the gods.  A regular donation will normally end up providing us with more funds and helps us with better financial planning and long term commitments.  Both are very gratefully received.

And don't forget to Gift Aid your donation.  It means 25% extra for us!

If you wish to make a regular donation as part of our '50 Friends' campaign (yes, the poster shown is a little out of date but the principles are the same and the need even greater!), click here.  This will set up a direct debit payment online.  What could be easier?!?!?!

1. Online with your debit or credit card

Donate here to make a single donation.  The rest is straightforward (we hope!).

2.  Set up a direct debit

Follow this link and click on "regular donation".  This will allow you to fill out an online direct debit form.

Alternatively, fill out a direct debit form, send it back to us at: The Rowdown Inspire to Aspire Foundation, Brasted, Westcott Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 3EA and we'll do the rest.  If you can please include some contact details (such as an email address), we will be able to say thank you!


3. Set up a standing order or a one-off bank transfer

I'm afraid that this is something you'll have to do yourself.  If you bank online then setting up a standing order is usually a simple process and all you will need are our bank details.  We'd then be very grateful if you could complete a Gift Aid form and send it to us at the above address.  Please include some contact details such as an email or postal address so we can say thank you.

4. Cheque

Send your cheque (payable to the Rowdown Inspire to Aspire Foundation) to us at the above address along with your Gift Aid form and, if you don't mind, some contact details such as an email or postal address so we can say thank you.  Please do not send us cash.

5.  Credit/Debit Card

We now have a little machine which enables us to take your credit and debit card donations either face-to-face or over the phone.  We can't promise it's charged up and ready to go, but we will call you back when it is!

6. Give as you Live

Why not donate to the Foundation when you spend money online at no extra cost yourself.  Please visit the Give as you Live website and choose to support the Rowdown Inspire to Aspire Foundation.


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