We are not psychologists but common sense says that every person needs inspiration and the earlier they are inspired the more they can achieve in life.  Inspiration is provided in many shapes and forms: by family, by peers, by the community around us, by what we watch on television, read in books or see on the internet and by our teachers.

Ella Purvey, 2016/17 Pupil of the Year, Academic Achievement presented with her award by members of the local emergency services

We at the Foundation want to help to provide inspiration for the children of New Addington.  Yes they are still young, but history tells us that the most successful people are often those that are inspired at a young age and encouraged to translate this into challenging ambitions for themselves.

In many cases, inspiration begins at home with parents.  That is why the Foundation wishes to foster this first level of inspiration for New Addington's children.  We want to reinforce parents' understanding that their influence on their child’s future is second-to-none and why their engagement with the aspirations of the child is a necessity for Foundation support.

Having said that, for most of the year primary school children spend almost as many waking hours in the presence of their teacher as they do with their parents.  Teachers therefore have an enormous part to play in both inspiring their pupils and encouraging them to find inspiration in the things around them.  Teachers of children at primary school level will often be the first to learn of a child’s new inspiration and they will be key in developing this into an aspiration.

Sarah Jones, MP for Croydon Central, attending Rowdown School Awards July 2018 with Gary Coy, Foundation Chair, and Tuition Programme successes Ubaydullaah (Whitgift), Christopher (Trinity) and Alfie (Wallington)

The Foundation wishes to help identify inspiration for New Addington kids.  We hope to be able to organise visits to the school by inspirational people from the community and wider, and provide opportunities for visits to inspirational places, perhaps together with parents.

If you think you can help with this, by coming along to schools in the area to inspire the pupils, please let us know: how to contact us is shown on the Contact Us page.

We offer no apologies for the frequency of the use of “inspiration” on this page!