For the Pupils

Calling all pupils at Rowdown!  Please tell us adults who or what is inspiring you at the moment.  Don’t forget, your inspiration doesn’t need to be a famous celebrity and they don't even need to be alive today.  Yes, you might like to be a Harry Kane or an Ariana or, maybe Winston or Leonardo but maybe your inspiration is closer to home, or even at home!  You might watch the television and see someone who is going through incredible hardship with a big smile on their face and a determination to get through it.  That is truly inspirational.

Why don’t you try to answer the following questions (we hope to have an interactive form here in due course):

  • Who do you most want to be like?
  • Why do you want to be like them?
  • What skills or talents or abilities do you think you need to achieve what they have achieved?
  • Do you think you can learn these, or is it down to a natural ability?
  • How much time and effort do you think your inspiration puts into achieving what they have achieved?
  • Do you think you have or can learn the skills to succeed like them?
  • Do you have the enthusiasm and determination to succeed like them?
  • Are there parts of what they do that you could do better, or parts you do not like?

Right then, finished?  So you’ve now decided who inspires you and what you need to do to succeed like them.  Congratulations you now have an ambition.  Why not share this with your friends and definitely tell your teacher.  If your teacher agrees with you then you might be a candidate for support from us at the Foundation.

We want to help you to meet your ambition. We want you to not only enjoy success in the future, but enjoy the hard work it takes to get there!