Once we have the inspiration, then we have to develop the aspiration.  Aspiration is defined as “a strong desire to achieve something, such as success”.  Successfully achieving ambitions depends entirely on (a) where an individual sets their aspirational level and (b) having the means to achieve that success.

The sooner in life aspirations are set, the longer the person has to achieve them.  We should all encourage children to identify their ambitions, make sure they are set realistically and give them the encouragement to succeed.  Once the goals are set, the child and those around them can look for the resources and support required to achieve those goals.

The Foundation wants to ensure the children of New Addington set their goals at the highest level that they can successfully achieve and provide them with additional means to meet their ambitions.  We hope this is an upward spiral…give them the inspiration to set their sights high, provide the means to achieve this level and this in turn allows them to re-assess their goals to an even higher aspirational level.  Easy!

Ferne and Freya Harrison, both winners and happy for each other

Unfortunately, the Foundation has limited funds and cannot support every pupil to achieve their aims.  Initially at least, we have set our sights on encouraging those exceptionally talented or gifted pupils to recognise their ability, aspire to great things and then support and encourage them in the pursuit of their goals.  We want to ensure that those with the greatest influence on these children – their parents – give them the encouragement they will need to succeed.

To this end, it is important that parents themselves have a tangible desire for their children to succeed.  The Foundation sees that the combination of parental influence and aspirations and primary education can shape a child’s life for the better at a very early point.  Hence we are keen to marry these factors together by encouraging greater involvement by parents in their children’s education and learning experiences.  We want to inspire the parents to aspire for the children.