School Awards

The Foundation really enjoyed working with Rowdown Primary School to launch the Annual Rowdown School Awards for six years 2014-19.

The teachers in each class of Years 1 to 6 nominated two pupils for  academic attainment or progress and two more for attitude or effort or being a good role model to other pupils.  All the nominees receive a certificate of nomination recognising their outstanding achievement or effort during the year.  The Senior Leadership Team at the school then decide on the winner in each year for each category - 12 in all.  These winners each received a gold star trophy.

One of the six winners in each category is then chosen as the school winner, receiving a trophy, prizes and the accolade "Pupil of the Year".  Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Shard Capital LLP, we have been able to present the two winners with a tablet computer and a family day out at a London attraction.

Unfortunately, Covid then intervened and we just haven't got going again since.  One for the future perhaps but with time and money tight is there anyone out there that can volunteer to organise and sponsor???

star trophycup