Parental Engagement

The Foundation would like to see the parents of the pupils in New Addington have greater involvement in the education of their children and develop a better understanding why primary education provides the foundation for their future.

To this end, we will support a parent or group of parents that:

  • wish to work with the school to provide additional learning opportunities to the children.  For instance, this might be a parent setting up an after-school reading club or organise a judo club at the school.  Of course, the parent has to have the required ability or qualifications etc and the school’s head teacher must be in agreement that the activity is safe, appropriate and offers an additional learning opportunity for the children involved.  The Foundation will fund any extra materials required for the club and can, in certain circumstances, consider remunerating the parent(s) involved.
  • wish to organise educational trips for a group of children at the school.  We emphasise the word “educational” here!  We would welcome applications for us to fund trips to museums, historic buildings, other places of interest where there is a genuine learning experience for the children (and possibly the parents as well).  The trip would need the sign off from the school.

In most cases it would be appropriate for the parent(s) to approach the school first with their idea, but if you would like to check whether it is something we would consider supporting, please use the Contact Us form.