For the Parents

For the majority of children, parents form the first role model and the first inspiration, and usually this is to be encouraged.  As the child grows up, there will be more outside influences on their development, but their family will still shape who and what inspires.  The parents also have a key role to play in helping their child define their ambitions in life.

The Foundation therefore would like to help the parents of New Addington children to better understand the importance of developing a child’s motivation from an early age.  This includes ensuring every child makes the best of the opportunities whilst at their primary school, whether academic, extra-curricular or simply growing their character and personality.

Historically, Rowdown and other schools have found it difficult to attract more than a handful of parents into school to take part in learning activities alongside their children.  The school has organised reading, cooking and other activities but these have not been as well attended by parents as they would hope.

The Foundation can fund activities at the school – whether as part of the school day or afterwards or at weekends – that are tailored towards making you, the parent, feel a part of your son or daughter’s education.  We will be discussing with the leadership team on the what, how and when of getting more of you helping and encouraging your child to learn, so check our News page regularly for more details.  We are sure the school will also let you know what’s going on so check their website, newsletter or ask at reception.

But why not first tell us your ideas on the what, how and when.  If we can provide the additional learning opportunities for you and the pupils to share, then that is the perfect solution.  Use the contact us page or tell the school.

  • Would you like to help out with an existing activity or club?
  • Would you like to help in organising a new activity or club at the school?
  • Would you like to participate in visits organised by the school, Foundation or other parents or groups?
  • Would you like to organise outings for the pupils?  These would have to be educational in nature (museums or historic buildings rather than Selhurst Park or Wembley)!

If the answer to any of these is "yes", then let us know and the Foundation may be able to help with financing it.  If the answer is "yes, but I wouldn't know where to start" or "yes, but I'm not sure I have the necessary experience", also let us know because the Foundation might be able to fund some training to help you to organise the activity or outing.

There are a couple of provisos, of course.  The school will have to agree that the activity, club or outing is appropriate and will be beneficial to the pupil(s) education and welfare.  Also, you will have to satisfy all the normal - and necessary - safeguarding checks and show the school and us that you have experience or training.

Finally, do you feel you would benefit from some training to help you better understand your child's learning experience and welfare?  We would be very interested in helping parents access training in this area.  Please do contact us with your ideas on this.