Parental Development

Our aim is to develop a partnership between pupils, their parents, the school and the Foundation to create aspirations and enhanced learning opportunities for the children.  Parents are key to this succeeding.

shutterstock_2696829We recognise that parents may have limited time, experience, knowledge and money to perform their role in this partnership.  The Foundation cannot help with some of these but would like to offer support to parents by encouraging them to develop additional parenting skills which can then raise their involvement in our partnership.

We will therefore be happy to pay for courses and training suggested by parents as providing a benefit to the whole family.  We would consider each application on its own merits.  The funding for the course or training will be paid directly to the provider.

We would positively encourage applications from parents seeking to be trained in educational skills if these skills were then used to the benefit of some or all pupils at primary school in New Addington.

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