For the fourth year, the Foundation was pleased to organise the annual Rowdown School Awards presentation on Friday 14th July 2017 at Rowdown Primary School.  The format in the previous years had worked very well so we kept the same idea but we were very privileged on this occasion to have the awards presented by representatives of the emergency services.

Listening Attentively to the Nominations

The pupils and parents were assembled in the hall, the nominees entered to rapturous applause and then, before the business of the day commenced, we were lucky to be treated to another virtuoso piano performance by Christopher Opoku.  Christopher was the Foundation's first sign up and has now reached his grade 4.  He was also part of our Tuition Programme and was returning to Rowdown having spent Year 7 at Trinity School.  His playing was note perfect as usual despite the chosen pieces being quite complex.

The nominees for the awards consisted of two pupils from each class for each category: Academic Achievement or Progress and Attitude and Effort.  Nominations for Rowdown school awards 2016-17 (1)

Representatives of the Emergency Services(l-r): Michael, Ricky and Neal

Our guests of honour this year were local members of the emergency services.  We asked one from each to come up on stage to present the trophies but before they did so, we gave them a really loud and warm round of applause to say thank you for everything they do to keep us safe and then to look after us if things don't go to plan.  All the assembled children were impressed by their uniformed presence and were hopefully inspired to be public-spirited in the future.

It was then on with the Awards presentation.  Mrs Hartley did the honours reading out the nominations and Gareth Burchell of Shard Capital LLP, the Awards Sponsors, had the pleasure of opening the gold envelopes and announce the winners: a very fitting role for the person responsible for our ability to offer such lovely trophies and prizes.

The trophies were the same as last year: gold stars for the category winners in each year and gold cups for the overall winners.  And the prizes...a Lenovo 10" tablet (with cover no less) and a family day out for the overall winners to share with their parents and brothers and sisters (value up to £150).  Once again, this is very generous of Gareth and Shard Capital and we thank them wholeheartedly for their support.  THANK YOU!!!!

Ubaydullaah Ajanaku, ex-Rowdown returns to tell of his experiences at Whitgift School

Before the announcement of the overall winners, Christopher Opoku and Ubaydullaah Ajanaku, our tutees that are now at Trinity and Whitgift Schools respectively, gave short speeches about perseverence, inspiration and the fun they were having at their new schools.

Ubaydullaah Ajanaku (Whitgift) and Christopher Opoku (Trinity) returned to the school to give inspirational speeches









Congratulations to all the nominees: they all put in a really strong performance during the year and thoroughly deserve the recognition their nomination brings.  They should be very proud of themselves.

And here are the winners:

Matthew Pook, Winner, Academic Achievement, Year 1

Arda Bilici, Winner, Academic Achievement, Year 2

Freya Harrison, Winner, Attitude and Effort, Year 1


Lilly Langford, Winner, Attitude and Effort, Year 2

Amelia Szamreto, Winner, Attitude and Effort, Year 3

Kishae Forbes, Winner, Academic Achievement, Year 3

Amarnie Sinclair, Winner, Academic Achievement, Year 4

Josephine Haba, Winner, Attitude and Effort, Year 4

Ferne Harrison, Winner, Academic Achievement, Year 5

Adan Bondo, Winner, Attitude and Effort, Year 5


Ella Purvey, Winner, Academic Achievement, Year 6

Reggie Fay, Winner, Attitude and Effort, Year 6



















And, if you've made it this far, you must be desperate to know who the overall winners were...

Congratulations to Ella Purvey and Reggie Fay, both of Year 6, for being crowned Pupils of the Year 2016/17.

Reggie Fay, 2016/17 Pupil of the Year, Attitude and Effort

Ella Purvey, 2016/17 Pupil of the Year, Academic Achievement

Here are some more photos from the day...