9th March 2017 – News on Devonte

We’ve just heard that Devonte Hogan-Forde, the final of our four tutees in the Year 6 group has also been successful in gaining a secondary school place through the selective system.  Devonte passed the entrance exam for the semi-selective Shirley High School for the Performing Arts which, you may remember, is where George and Michael went from last year’s tuition group.

Shirley High School, whilst comprehensive, has a small intake based on its entrance exam for those living outside it’s catchment area.  New Addington is usually right on the edge so the only way to make sure of a place is by sitting the exam and making sure you are in the top 27 entrants.  And this is exactly what Devonte did.

Of course, this means it is a very impressive four out of four, 100%, a full house of results for the Year 6 group this year: all have made it to their chosen secondary school through entrance exams.

We are so proud of them all.