7th July 2018 – AGM

Reports on our AGM might not fill our followers with huge enthusiasm, but there is some exciting news!

Before sharing the news, we’d like to say a big thank you to Al Kennedy, Karen Walsh and all the team at Trinity School for allowing us to use their excellent facilities for our AGM today, including organising tea and coffee a Kit-Kats for when we needed to “have  a break”.

So what’s the exciting news?  The Trustees have approved an expansion of our remit from supporting students at Rowdown Primary School to any pupil attending a New Addington primary school.  We have been doing this a little bit already under the Tuition Programme, but this formalises our ability to financially support these pupils and also to approach the other schools to find individual children to enrol for art or sport sponsorship.  We also hope to be able to talk to other schools about masterclasses similar to the extremely successful Art Masterclass at Rowdown (see some pics below).

However, and here, as always is the crux, we need to keep up funding to be able to expand and support more talented New Addington kids.  If you are keen to help out, then support us with a donation by clicking here or get in touch if you can offer your services in any way.