30th April 2013 – The Launch

All the Trustees visited the school and were escorted on a grand tour of Rowdown by members of the School Council followed by tea (for the Trustees) and biscuits (for the guides) in Mrs Shute’s office.  This was followed by a launch of the Foundation to the staff of the school.  Gary presented the background and his thoughts as to how the Foundation, the school, the pupils and their parents can work together to benefit everyone.  The concept was greeted with enthusiasm and encouragement by the staff.

Paula found her first visit to the school very interesting.  She says “I was really struck by how they [the tour guides] spoke with pride about their school, they were genuinely interested in showing me all the classrooms and outdoor areas…All the children we encountered on our tour were polite and respectful and there was a general air of purposefulness about the place which belied its somewhat underwhelming external appearance.  I was particularly struck by “The Place 2B” (is that what it is called?) and The Orchard Room – what a wonderful idea for assisting pupils and staff to make something positive come from potentially challenging scenarios.”

Kathryn also enjoyed her visit: “I really enjoyed the tour of the school, and was impressed by my guides and the facilities I saw. The two girls who showed me round, from years 3 and 5, were clearly very proud of their school. I was particularly interested in the extracurricular activities that the school offers as that would link closely with the work of the Foundation. The girls were involved in gymnastics, athletics, art club, cross-stitch club, the talent contest and choirs – and that was just two pupils!”