2nd September 2019 – Good Luck for the New Year

Just a quick news update to wish all of our young proteges a happy and successful new academic year.  We are blowing our trumpet but there are quite a few:

Christopher and Ubaydullaah starting Year 10 (yes, Year 10 already) at Trinity and Whitgift;

Alfie, David and Janice starting Year 9 at WCGS, Wilson’s and Old Palace;

Amelia, Asad, Bailee, Mohammad, Priscilla and Sabeeh starting Year 8 at Old Palace, Trinity, Trinity, WCGS, Royal Russell and Trinity;

Ellie, Megan, Nichola, Praveena, Safiya, Thabo and Vania starting Year 7 at Old Palace, Woldingham, Royal Russell, Old Palace, Trinity and Croydon High (especially good luck and congratulations to this group as they start their secondary school careers);

Christopher as he heads towards his Grade 6 piano exams;

Ciara on continuing to compete and move up the Irish Dancing podium;

Aliyah and Soraya as they dance their way to success;

Emma, Layla-Belle and Lexy rolling and tumbling to gymanstics glory;

Arianna and Aleena in their acting, singing and dancing;

All the talented artists (16 of them) in their Art Masterclasses at Rowdown and Fairchildes;

The Year 5 tuition group (20 of them) continuing their lessons at Royal Russell; and

The Year 6 tuition group (23 boys and girls) at Trinity: a huge good luck to them as they start their quest for grammar or independent schools places over the next few months.

I make that 85 children that we will be supporting for the next 12 months or more.

Blowing our trumpet is justified!!