25th October 2016 – Grammar School Progress

Just a quick update to let you all know that the Sutton grammar schools have now had all the first and second stages of their entrance exams and…

We’re pleased to say we have two successes to report: both Alfie (Dixon) and David (Ayuk) have passed the eligibility test for Wallington County Grammar School and are on the list for an offer of a place in March.  Where on the list they are, we will have to wait and see, but to get on the list in the first place is a remarkable achievement (especially when you consider that Christopher and Ubaydullaah both just missed out last year).  Well done to Alfie and David on this success.

In addition, their scores were good enough to be put forward to the second stage exams for Wilson’s and Sutton Grammar.  To add to the good news, David passed the exams for both and is now on the list for a place at all three of the prestigious Sutton-based grammar schools.

Alfie wasn’t successful at Wilson’s but took the very sensible decision to miss the Sutton Grammar second stage test to sit the selective test at Riddlesdown Collegiate…and passed.  This means he is guaranteed a place at this Ofsted-rated Outstanding secondary school (where New Addington is outside the catchment area).

I’ve been doing some related research.  Did you know that there is no Outstanding non-selective secondary school available to pupils from New Addington?  Isn’t that scandalous!  And it makes our small effort to give a few pupils access to the best secondary education even more vital.