25th August 2017 – Christopher at Trinity and at the Piano

Christopher’s father has been kind enough to send a few photos through of him (that’s Christopher, not his father) involved in various activities at Trinity, so we thought we’d share them with you to show this is not all about academics.  However, we have also seen his end of Year 7 school report and it is pretty impressive with As in subjects ranging from Maths to Drama to Languages to RS and, of course, Music, with slightly more effort needed in Geography and Science.  He is a bright young man indeed.

He is taking full advantage of the co- and extra-curricular stuff on offer at Trinity too…











And with a strong pass in his Grade 4 piano exam in June, Christopher continues to be a role model for all the boys and girls that will follow in his footsteps.  We are really proud to have been part of Christopher’s development.