24th November 2016 – Ubaydullaah Has Got His Feet Under the Desk at Whitgift

Ubaydullaah has been in touch to let us know how his first half term at Whitgift has gone.  He starts off his little essay by saying a big thank you to the Foundation for giving him the opportunity to attend Whitgift.  That’s very nice of him and it’s our pleasure!

He was very nervous at the start but made a good friend on the first day and as this boy had been at the school in Year 6, he had found himself a guide around the complexities of the school!  He is playing football and rugby and is very impressed with the lunches and the range of extra-curricular things you can do during the hour.  He feels a little under pressure during the random but regular tests, feeling he has to justify his academic scholarship, but he reports he has done well so far, mainly because of all the revision he does (which is good to hear).

He finds managing his time is now key to getting the most out of the school, what with all the after school activities and the large amounts of homework (“if you miss two pieces of homework in a term, it is a detention”).  Luckily he only lives 15 minutes away from the school, unlike many other boys, so he can fully participate in the school life.  He is enjoying computer science best of all.

He finishes off by saying, “my experience so far at Whitgift has been amazing but a little bit stressful.  There is still so much to look forward to.  I have a big challenge ahead.”