24th April 2016 – Marathon Man

Nick Fiander (225x400)We are pleased to report that our very own Marathon Man, Nick Fiander, completed his London Marathon in an impressive (and official) time of 4 hours, 39 minutes and 13 seconds.  Not only that, Nick has raised over £1,600 in donations which, with Gift Aid, means a total for the Foundation in excess of £1,800.

We are so grateful to Nick (and to Gareth Burchell for suggesting he runs for the Rowdown Foundation) for choosing us as his nominated charity and for raising so much money.  This will cover our annual grant to one of the pupils that has just won a place at Trinity or Whitgift and give some useful change left over to support Brooke or Ciara or a new pupil or two.

So thank you Nick, a brilliant effort.