21st March 2014 – A Healthy Response

Last week, the Foundation sent out a flyer with the weekly school newsletter to let parents know that we are up and running and actively looking for pupils to support as well as introducing the school awards.

We are pleased to say that the response has been fantastic with a number of parents speaking to Mel Moore over the course of the last few days.  Mel has checked these out with the pupils’ class teachers and we have a number of new applications to consider.  These will be discussed at our first Annual General Meeting in a couple of weeks’ time.  Activities include dance, gymnastics, maths and science: that’s activities for the applications, not for the AGM!

Unfortunately, Mel has had to tell a few parents that their children are not yet at the required standard to qualify for Foundation support.  But it’s never a complete “no” from the Foundation.  If the pupils in question attend the right extra-curricular clubs at school and show good progress and ability then, of course, the Foundation will reconsider.