20th February 2017: And Another Success…

We are dead chuffed to announce that one of the Year 6 Tuition Programme group has been offered places at each of three top independent schools!

unnamedJanice Egbebu only joined the tuition group in May 2016 so it was no surprise that she didn’t quite get to the required levels in the September 11+ exams for the Sutton-based grammar schools.

Then in October, there was a very near miss with Croydon High School for Girls.  Janice performed very well in the exam – probably somewhere in the top quartile we believe.  This was enough to be offered a place, but not quite enough to qualify for one of a very small number of scholarships and bursaries on offer.  So there was a bit of disappointing in the Egbebu household.

But Janice is a determined young lady and her parents are great at inspiring and aspiring.  So with a bit of one-to-one tuition from Jenny, our Fleet Tutors tutor, she was spurred on to sit entrance exams for Royal Russell and Old Palace schools in January.  The extra tuition certainly paid off as she has received offers from both schools including scholarships and bursaries.  After giving it due consideration, we believe she will be off to Old Palace in September.  And her parents will be left with a very small level of fees to pay, a very small amount indeed.

We are so pleased for Janice and her parents and glad to have played a part in giving Janice a life-changing opportunity at one of the top schools in the country.