1st March 2017 – National Offers Day…How did they do???

We were waiting for news all day!   Would Alfie Dixon and David Ayuk make it to their chosen grammar schools?

It was about 5.20pm when my phone rang and it was Alfie’s dad.  I didn’t leave him much time for pleasantries before pushing for the information I wanted.  And it was such great news.  Alfie has been offered a place at Wallington CGS, one of the top schools in the COUNTRY.  Out of over 3,000 entries for the exam, Alfie had received an offer for one of the 135 places.  What a result.  Needless to say, Mr Dixon was a very happy and proud father but he couldn’t comment on Alfie’s reaction as Alfie didn’t know at that time.  I have now found out that Alfie is also very pleased!

15 minutes later the phone ran again and it was Mrs Ayuk.  I didn’t need to wait for the news as she was so excited.  You may remember that David had passed the Wallington CGS exam and also gone on to pass second stage exams for Wilson’s and Sutton Grammar, but we didn’t know which was his preference.  Mrs Ayuk confirmed that David had received an offer from his first choice, Wilson’s, also one of the top schools in the COUNTRY.   Mrs Ayuk was so chuffed and proud and understandably too.

I think the Foundation can be chuffed and proud too.  It is a truly amazing result to get the boys to these very popular grammar schools and Janice to Old Palace, with offers from two other independent schools also.

As Alfie’s dad, Tony, says: “It’s sent 3 kids on to wonderful education that they wouldn’t have achieved without the Foundation, so well done.  I would never have thought about going in this direction otherwise and didn’t know it’s was something we could even contemplate until the Foundation started.