19th January 2018 – Rowdown Art Masterclasses Underway

This afternoon saw the inaugural Art Masterclass at Rowdown.  This weekly class (meeting on a Friday afternoon, that’s how keen the children are) takes a small group (currently 4, but hopefully soon to become 5) of the most talented artists across Rowdown (from Year 3 to Year 6) and gives them an opportunity to express themselves artistically, under the watchful eye of Deborah Aves, a very skillful artist in her own right.

They’ve started off sketching still life but will try many different techniques over the coming weeks and months.  We hope to be able to provide some pictures of their artwork, so come back to the website to have a look from time to time.

If funding allows, we would like to expand the sessions to two a week as Deborah has identified a wealth of artistic potential at Rowdown.  If you would like to donate to help this happen, please click here.