19th January 2018 – 11+ Update

Thought a quick update on the 11+ exam results season might interest a few of you.

There were 15 pupils in the 2017 Year 5-6 group. We need to remember that most of these children only had a few months of tuition thanks to Trinity School. They are all really bright kids, of course, but haven’t had the years of prepping for the 11+ that the majority of children sitting the exams have had.

Two have already been told they have passed the Sutton grammar school exams but need¬†to wait for 1st March to find out if that materialises into an offer of a place: we eagerly wait to hear from WCGS and Wilson’s for the boy and Wallington Girls for the girl.

13 of the 15 took entrance exams for the local independent schools (Croydon High (4), Old Palace (4), Royal Russell (4), Trinity (8) and Whitgift (5)). There have been 3 interviews at Croydon High and invitations to interview at Trinity (5) and Whitgift (5).

We eagerly await the results of those interviews with fingers crossed as well as news from Old Palace and Royal Russell.

No matter what the ultimate result, all these children from New Addington have done remarkably well and will have learned from the tuition and the exam process. If we are “lucky” enough to see a few of them make it to one of these top schools (in the country), then we will know we have given them a life-changing opportunity to truly reach their full potential, joining the five Rowdown children already at such schools.