18th April 2016 – Launch of ’50 Friends’ Fundraising Campaign

We are today launching a fundraising campaign looking to find 50 friends generously commit to donating £10 (or more) per month to the Foundation to support our recent success and future expansion.  If you wish to donate please click here.  Alternatively, download our 50 Friends Flyer and fill out the attached form and sent it back to us, and we’ll be in touch.

50 Friends FlyerWe are so pleased with the immediate success of the Tuition Programme with two boys winning places at prestigious independent secondary schools Whitgift and Trinity.  But with that success comes a cost – a cost we are pleased to have to cover.  We have offered a grant to the boys’ parents of up to £1,500 for their first academic year to cover the residual fees (not covered by the excellent scholarships and bursaries) and those additional costs of uniforms, school trips, equipment etc etc etc.  These costs can mount up and we don’t want this to deter their parents from taking up the place or preventing the boys from making the most of the opportunity that they have worked so hard for.  Our grant stands alongside the parents’ financial commitment, matching their input pound for pound until the £1,500 is reached in the academic year.

We’d very much like to make this an annual commitment for Christopher and Ubaydullaah and then for an ever increasing number of pupils that are currently in the Tuition Programme that win places at independent and grammar schools.  We’ve also been talking to Rowdown School about another drive to recruit budding musicians, artists, sports people, actors, singers etc.  If we are successful, the Foundation will need significantly more funding, hence the campaign.

By committing to a monthly donation, you will help us to be able to plan our finances over the medium term and thereby provide longer term committed funding and grants to support these pupils in pursuing their dreams.  We really hope we can find 50 friends, or even 100, to provide us with £10 per month.

Thank you so much, in advance, for your support.