16th February 2016 – New Year 3 Group Joins Tuition Programme

Now the Year 6 group have finished their 11+ entrance exams, we have sought out the cream of Rowdown’s Year 3 cohort to join our Tuition Programme.  The school provided us with an initial list of 8 names and then narrowed it down to 5.  So congratulations to the following pupils who will kick off their tuition on a Wednesday afternoon after the half term holiday.

Aaliyah Adams

Yazmin Ali

Jack Bryant

Tamalyn Merritt

Armarnie Sinclair

Also,2 new particpants have joined the Year 4 group following 2 dropping out.  They are:

Jevan Addotey

Sami Moussaknaoui

We are also pleased to be able to announce that the Foundation has been able to expand the Tuition Programme from 3 lessons per week to 4, meaning that the current Year 5 group will be able to benefit from 2 hours of lessons per week.  Hopefully this will give them an even greater chance of being successful in the 11+ entrance exams in the Autumn/Winter.