15th November 2018 – A Busy Few Weeks

We’ve been very busy over the last few weeks: very busy indeed!  With the current group of Year 6 pupils preparing for their 11+ entrance exams for private schools, we’ve been helping parents with registration forms and applications for bursaries.  14 of the 15 children have entered for a total of 28 exams.  We have to thank many of these schools for waiving or reducing their registration fees (usually between £50 and £100) which has saved the Foundation £1,000+ as we offer to reimburse these fees for parents of pupils on our Tuition Programme.

The children have been continuing their studies at Trinity and we know many have been undertaking exam practice at home.  We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Old Palace of John Whitgift School for giving the girls on our Programme free access to a half-term revision course and Croydon High for putting together an exam preparation session next week.

The pupils and parents participating in our Tuition Programme are so grateful for the opportunities Trinity, Royal Russell, Old Palace and Croydon High School are presenting to them and the Foundation would like to pass on their thanks, and our own as well.

Now we keep our fingers crossed that the girls and boys can excel in their exams over the next few weeks and be offered places at these prestigious schools with the scholarships and bursaries that will be required to make it possible.  GOOD LUCK!!