5th July 2014 – Catch Up

There’s been so much going on over the last couple of months that it’s impossible to know where to start.  And it’s all good news.

Brooke, the Year 3 gymnast, has really excelled and has now been selected – out of 2,500 hopefuls – to join J’Amies Masterclass after a trial.  This involves an additional session every week and shows the potential that Brooke has.  The Foundation is able to cover the costs of this extra class: it is exactly what we want to support.  She proudly showed us her latest medal last week but we forgot to take a photo.

Christopher continues to progress well with his piano lessons and will be having a couple of extra sessions over the summer holidays to keep his hand in…or should that be hands?

We are now supporting Ciara as well.  Ciara is in Year 5 and has a real passion for Irish Dancing and by all accounts is excellent at it.  All those leg and foot movements back and forth while moving around or standing still.  I’m sure most of us would fall flat on our faces.  We’ll hopefully get a picture of Ciara in action in the near future.

We are still trying to organise a trial for two budding gymnastics brothers (Years 2 and 4).  We are hoping the Croydon School of Gymnastics will let them jump the long waiting list to get the boys into action as soon as possible.  And, following Rowdown’s Sports Day a couple of weeks ago, we have added their sister to the list as she appears to be able to run far and fast.  Her application is pending and then, if approved, it will be off to Croydon Harriers we hope.

Finally, we have Caitlyn.  Caitlyn is currently in Year 5 and is an exceptionally bright pupil, especially at Maths and Science.  After discussions with Caitlyn’s parents, the Foundation is funding private lessons for Caitlyn to give her a good chance of passing entrants exams to one of the better secondary schools in the area.  We are investigating the options of which school(s) at the moment.  In the meantime, we are very pleased that Riddlesdown Collegiate has agreed to allow Caitlyn to join their after-school Year 7 Science Club next term which should hopefully whet her appetite for all things science even more than it’s whetted now.

I will save the Rowdown School Awards for a separate news post.