15th January 2015 – Caitlyn: So Close

As you will have seen, the Foundation have been supporting Caitlyn with extra tuition and to apply for entrance exams in a couple of local selective schools: Riddlesdown and Croydon High School for Girls.

Caitlyn only started her additional lessons at the start of July so the Riddlesdown entrance exam in early October was too soon for Caitlyn to be ready and she was unsuccessful.  But what a difference six extra weeks can make.  The Croydon High exam wasn’t until the end of November and gave Caitlyn’s tutor more time to prepare her for the task.

We are all really pleased that Caitlyn passed the Croydon High entrance exam.  This is an amazing achievement with only a short time of coaching: we are sure most of her rivals would have been having private lessons – or been at prep schools – for many years.  Unfortunately, there is a “but”.  Caitlyn’s application for a bursary was unsuccessful Cry and the schools fees, at nearly £5,000 per term, are beyond our reach, so she will not be able to take up her offer of a place.  We are obviously gutted for Caitlyn and her family, but we shouldn’t detract from the achievement of passing the exam.  Well done, Caitlyn.

Our experience with Caitlyn has helped shape our thoughts for the tuition programme and hopefully the greater time for tuition and exam preparation will stand us in good stead.