13th January 2018 – Trinity Maths and English Extension Lessons Underway

Following on from Monday’s first Year 4 Masterclass at Royal Russell, this moring saw the start of the Year 5 element of the Foundation’s Tuition Programme as Trinity’s Maths and English Extension Lessons got under way with the first session: one hour of each subject.

Trinity have engaged a new teacher for the lessons and Mrs Stone says “I was impressed with their attitude towards their learning and their work.  I think they have great potential!”

Lessons will happen on each Saturday morning during Trinity’s term time and will challenge the pupils’ learning and understanding of each subject as well as covering some verbal and non-verbal reasoning.  They will be fun (yes, Maths can be fun we’re told).  Hopefully the 20 pupils will enjoy the challenge and not feel too aggrieved at the extra homework they will be expected to complete.

Well done to the children that have been nominated by their schools to take part (shown below) and thank you again to Trinity for showing this great commitment to the local community and social mobility.

Applegarth Primary School: Jeremiah, Leela, Nichola, Praveena, Tafari

Castle Hill Primary School: Daniela, Ellie-Louise, Kelsey, Riley, Sergei

Fairchildes Primary School: Meerab, Megan, Safiyah, Thabo, Vania

Rowdown Primary School: Amarnie, Kelsey, Tamalyn, Tequaniel, Yazmin