13th January 2015 – Tuition Programme Up and Running

Very good news.  This afternoon saw the start of our tuition programme.  It’s taken some time to put together but we are pleased to announce that 13 pupils in three groups (one for each of Years 3, 4 and 5) will be receiving extra Maths and English tuition once a week, hopefully for the remainder of their time at Rowdown Primary School.

The tuition has been arranged through Fleet Tutors. They have arranged for specialist Maths and English tutors to provide an hour’s tuition once a week to each group.  It has been decided to have blocks of weeks for each subject: 3 or 4 weeks of English followed by 3 or 4 weeks of Maths.

The pupils have been selected by the school as those having the most academic potential.  The aims of the scheme are discussed in the Group Pupil Support page of our website. This explains that the idea is to prepare these pupils to sit entrance exams for selective schools in the area in order that they receive the best possible secondary education thereby leading to enhanced opportunities for further education and future career prospects.

The following pupils have been selected to take part in the tuition programme:

Their parents have all signed up to provide whatever support they can such as providing encouragement and making sure their children attend the tutorial sessions and complete their homework on time.

It is early days in the programme but our fingers and toes are crossed that it has a positive effect on the children involved.

Please Contact Us if you would like any further information.