11th October 2016 – Christopher’s First Impressions

chris-1Christopher started at Trinity School on 5th September and has already settled in very well.  His tutor, Mrs Murray, has encouraged him to join as many of the extra-curricular clubs as he can manage and he’s signed up for table tennis, rugby, football and computing already.  He tells us: “The best thing about Trinity is that it is simultaneously challenging and exciting as well as friendly and supportive.  I have already made lots of friends!”.

He is obviously very impressed with the other things he can get up to at Trinity. “People think private schools such as Trinity focus mostly on academics but although they do they also thrive in sports and music.” Christopher is still having his weekly piano lessons too, so with his sporting prowess, it seems like he’s going to be good at everything.

He has already been on two school trips to help the boys get to know each other.  One of them was a water sports day when he enjoyed kayaking, sailing and surfing and they all dived into the lake at the end of the day…including his form tutor!

He sums it all up by saying, “if you wanted to go to Trinity and were a bit nervous, don’t be because there is always a friendly atmosphere and everyone is always welcoming.”

We are hoping for regular updates from Christopher at Trinity and Ubaydullaah at Whitgift, so please check in for more news.