11th March 2016 – Brooke Continues to Impress

Last weekend, Brooke took part in the London Regionals and was awarded her blue pin, the next step in her development.  She finished 6th out of 19 entrants in her age group and continues to impress her club and, obviously, the judges at the competition.

Brooke’s next competition is at the end of June when she will be competing, for the first time, on a full size spring floor.  I think I’d find this rather daunting, but I’m sure Brooke will take it in her stride, skip, forward roll and somersault!

Before then, Brooke will receive her medals for having successfully completed foundation levels 2 and 3.  I hope she’s got a large trophy cabinet at home.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Brooke looking as pleased as punch.GYM_7412GYM_7427